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Windows 11 Manager 1.1.7 Download For Windows + Crack 2022

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author: saman
Published date: 24 November 2022
windows manager 11

Windows 11 Manager

The Manager of Windows 11 The comprehensive answer to optimizing, tweaking, repairing, and cleaning up Windows 11 It includes over forty different utilities to optimize, tweak, clean up, speed up, and repair your copy of Windows 11; it helps make your system perform faster; it eliminates system faults; it increases stability and security; it personalizes your copy of Windows 11; and it meets all of your expectations. Windows 11 Manager is an all-in-one utility designed specifically for Microsoft Windows 11; it includes all of these utilities and more.

Windows 11 Manager crack




enables users to manually create a system restore point; Finds out specific information about your computer’s operating system and hardware, and assists you in locating the product key for Microsoft software such as Windows and Office; Displays and handles all processes and threads that are currently active; The Repair Center provides assistance in identifying and resolving a variety of system issues;

The Optimization Wizard is helpful for users who are not very knowledgeable about computers since it cleans up their system with only one click.


Modifies your system so that its performance is enhanced and its speed is increased; Controls and personalizes the Windows boot menu according to your specifications; The Startup Manager is responsible for controlling all of the programs that are started when Windows is booted up, as well as checking and repairing the advanced startup items to undo any changes that were made maliciously by viruses; controls and optimizes the operation of the system’s drivers and services to boost performance; Manages and enhances the performance of your system’s scheduled tasks so that it can run more quickly.

Windows 11 Manager  Cleaner

Disk Analyzer can examine how much space each application, file, and folder consumes on your hard drive and provide a chart of this information;

safely cleans up the WinSxS folder to minimize the size of the component store; Programs may be completely removed from your system with Smart Uninstaller without leaving behind files or Registry entries;

Unused shortcuts, files, and folders on the desktop may be examined and moved to certain directories with Desktop Cleaner; searches for and removes useless files to save up disk space and enhance speed; searches for and removes redundant files to conserve disk space;

Registry Defrag rebuilds and reindexes your Registry to decrease registry access time, enhance application responsiveness, and get rid of errors and registry corruption. Registry Cleaner scans the Registry to identify and remove the erroneous objects.


changes the File Explorer, Desktop, Start, Taskbar, and Notification area settings to suit your preferences;

adds documents, folders, and system components to Desktop and This PC; the folders or files are pinned to your Start, Taskbar, or Desktop; creates the jumplist on Taskbar’s rapid startup items;

controls the context menu when a file, folder, etc. is right-clicked; edits the Win + X shortcut menu that appears when you right-click the Start button;

Adjusts the Windows Apps and Microsoft Modern UI settings. Edits and adds shortcuts that are executed on the Run dialog box. Customizes the appearance of your system.


Adjusts numerous settings, limits access to drives and applications, and modifies system, component, UAC, and Sign-in settings to enhance system security;

Protect the privacy and security of your important files and folders by encrypting them and moving system folders to private areas. File Undelete can recover and restore deleted or formatted items on logical drives. Some system functionalities can be locked to increase security.


your network settings and internet connection are optimized; changes the browser’s settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer; Using an IP Switcher, switching between several network configurations is simple; edits the Hosts file to quicken system internet browsing; All of your wireless networks may be seen and managed using Wi-Fi Manager.

Misc. Utilities

Creates scheduled tasks or the monitoring that causes tasks to be triggered; Displays and runs the useful collection of built-in Windows utilities; Splits a file into multiple smaller files or merges back to the original file; Super Copy is a potent tool to copy files or backup automatically; and Easily manages your Registry using Registry Tools.


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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 1.1.7
  • password: blackhatchina
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password: blackhatchina
download guide

1. Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender if needed. If the antivirus is turned on,
the program will not crack properly.

2. Install the program normally.

3. Go to the crack folder and run the crack file.

4. Done Enjoy!

* File password *: soft360


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