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Becky Internet Mail 2.81.04 Download For Windows + Crack 2022

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author: saman
Published date: 23 November 2022

Becky Internet Mail

Becky Internet Mail

The webmail client is called Becky Internet Mail. Since its creation in 1996, we have continuously enhanced its features while taking into account user input, and it has grown to become one of the most popular shareware e-mail applications. It works with Windows 10 and later. It offers practically all of the features required for an email client and none that are simply used for promotional purposes.
Large organizations and educational institutions, particularly in Japan, as well as private users, promote its straightforward usage to a great extent.

Becky Internet Mail Crack


  • You may establish different profiles for each mailbox in addition to numerous mailboxes. For those who handle several email accounts, that will result in an extremely versatile mailbox management system.
  • It works with POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP (with or without SSL).
  • The size of the application is incredibly small given its functionality. It was created using trusted C++ and was Windows-optimized, which ensures speedy responses in all areas.
  • Using the inline component of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may view and create HTML mail in Becky!
  • You may establish templates for routine fixed work using the helpful “Template” option, which will help you save a ton of time.
  • You may transmit messages from you to you on the appointed date using the helpful “Reminder” function.
  • You may design highly sophisticated filtering rules with virtually endless And/Or conditions and a variety of filtering actions using the robust filtering manager. Using the Alt key, you can rapidly create a filtering rule by dragging and dropping.
  • Multiple mailing lists that you have subscribed to may be managed in one window with the “Mailing lists Manager.”
  • Through its “Plug-in Interface,” third parties are able to develop robust add-on programs.
  • Using the “Sync With Portable Media” feature, you may access Becky! in your USB memory. Any Windows machine you insert your USB memory with will detect her. It essentially leaves no trace on the target machine, making it perfect for Internet cafes.
  • With its “Query” function, you may find strings in any folder, and the results of your search can be stored as a folder.
  • With the use of its special “Agents” function, non-urgent tasks like “Need Reply in Xdays,” “Wait for Reply,” etc. may be managed. You may disregard those errands and focus on the crucial tasks.



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  • published date : 2022
  • version : 2.81.04
  • password: blackhatchina
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password: blackhatchina
download guide

1. Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender if needed. If the antivirus is turned on,
the program will not crack properly.

2. Install the program normally.

3. Go to the crack folder and run the crack file.

4. Done Enjoy!

* File password *: soft360


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